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Business intelligence

Turn Your Raw Data into Deep Business Insight and Boost Your Profit with State-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. A Bargain That’s Too Good To Miss Out.

We all have learned that information means “meaningful data”. A classic example of information is end of year sales report. Such report provides information on how much was sold but not how each item sales affected, and was affected by other items. Such higher concept of knowledge, or Insight, cannot be obtained from static SQL quires for two main reasons:

  • The sheer amount of data, aka Big Data
  • The processing complexity of Big Data, which is simply infeasible for traditional SQL

Obtaining business insights is the job of Machine Learning. In contrast to static SQL queries, Machine Learning applies complex Data Mining algorithms such as Artificial Neural Networks and Random Forests to extract complex patterns and correlations hidden deeply in the data. Machine Learning can also predict future sales far more reliably than humans can.

If you are not already applying Business Intelligence, rest assured your competitors are!

At Infraflex, we understand that every customer’s requirements are unique, and that goes for their data as well. This implies that there is no universal solution to solve all problems. Instead, we build tailored solution to each problem using universal tools such as R, Python, Spark and H2O.